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  1.  the critical study of basic knowledge of canine-human relationship principles, with a view to improve them.                                                    

  2.  the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being,   knowledge and conduct of people and their dogs.                                        

  3.  a system of principles for guidance in dog training affairs.                    

  4.  a dogosophical attitude, as one of composure and calm in the   presence of troubles, annoyances or behavioral issues.



From positive puppy socialization and basic obedience skills, to modification of problem behaviors,

Dogosophy has a plan that can work for you!


Learning how your dog communicates is the first step to build a relationship which will help when diagnosing problem behaviors.

Using humane, pain-free methods, and if needed consulting with your veterinarian, create a comprehensive training plan  to successfully modify a variety of behaviors and/or address anxiety and aggression concerns. 

30 minute Phone Consult

60 minute In Home Consult

90 minute In Home Consult


Dogosophy can provide private one-on-one individual sessions or multi-session packages depending on your dog's behaviors and your individual  training needs.


Individual Session

Great for refreshers or families only wanting to address select behaviors.

Private Session Packages

coaching with you & your dog

(3 session minimum)

Dog's Day Out Packages

(trainer works with your dog then coaches family on how to maintain behaviors)

Puppy Package

For puppies 8-20 wks 

Single session + 2 phone consults

Includes a keep at home booklet


Family Paws® is an international program that helps expecting families with dogs prepare for life with children.

As a licensed educator, Kym specializes in offering positive, practical, and fun solutions to the concerns that often arise with dogs navigating family, friends and neighbors.

Individual Family Consultation

Group Consultations 

Jumping, pulling on leash, house training, unnecessary barking, anxiety, and destructive chewing
are just a few of the common behaviors we work with outside of basic life skills and manners.


(about the trainer)

Kym has been training dogs and therapy animals since 2005.  After rescuing a behaviorally-challenged dog from a high-kill shelter she learned the tremendous impact of the human-animal bond.  As the mother of 3 daughters, she realized the importance of integrating dogs and children successfully and safely through positive, evidence-based training.  She spent over a decade working in a suburban Chicago animal shelter as a Trainer, Educator, Behavior Consultant and as the Director of Operations. 


She and her husband relocated to Nashville in 2019 with their own four dogs where she ​continues to be dedicated to helping families work with their pets to live happy, healthy lives together.


  • ABC, Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT)

  • Certified Mentor Trainer (Animal Behavior College)

  • FPPE (Family Paws® Parent Education) licensed educator

  • Licensed Evaluator and Trainer

    • Pet Partners™ Therapy Animals

    • American Kennel Club™

      • CGC

      • STAR Puppy

  • Member - Pet Professional Guild, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Animal Behavior Associates, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants



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"I have had the pleasure to experience Kym Iffert's expertise with dog behavior and training as coworker at an animal shelter and training my own dogs. Kym will think out of the box and go above and beyond the usual when dogs have specific issues. She will formulate new methods when the need arises until they successfully help a dog. She is resourceful and an incredibly hard worker. I can't fail to mention what a kind, respectful person Kym is. Whoever has Kym on board is extremely fortunate."

Kathy Daly

“The one-year old dog we adopted was about as sweet as they come, but he did have a few areas that needed work, like lunging at people and other dogs while on leash, and he needed to learn his basic commands. Kym Iffert was able to teach us everything (and more!) that we needed to equip our young dog with the life skills he needed to become the best pet he could be. And the training sessions were fun for the whole family!”

Robin Carroll



to start living a Dogosphical life with your pet!

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