Working with your dog not only teaches your pet how to be a happy, healthy member of the family, it also helps you learn more about your companion.  Weather you are just looking for the basics or have more challenges that will require intensive behavior modification through one-on-one training, Dogosophy can give you the tools you need to guide your dog to being a great companion.

Group Classes
Available September - June  4-6 dogs per class with handlers learning from each other in a more social environment.
2016 Sessions

Jan 7 - Feb 19th
Feb 25 - Apr 15
Apr 21 - June 4
Sept 8 - Oct 20
Oct 27 - Dec 8

Puppy Pre School
Hinsdale Humane Society, Friday mornings
Start your puppy out right by focusing on the behaviors you want, rather than struggling with what comes naturally to our 4-legged friends.  This 6 session open enrollment class introduces your puppy to safe socialization with people, household manners, proper handling techniques, focused attention and basic obedience commands, while safely interacting with other dogs, both on and off leash.  This fun, interactive class will help you understand and successfully navigate typical puppy problems including puppy nipping, housebreaking and crate training, as well as proper health, nutrition and exercise needs. 

Requirements:  Puppies must be 8-14 weeks at the start of class and have proof of current vaccinations & deworming.
Dates:  Friday mornings  10-11am (First time participants should arrive at 9:30 for a brief orientation).  Start anytime!
Price:  $125 for HHS adopters signing up within 5 days of adopting, $150 general admission.

Canine as a Second Language
Hinsdale Humane Society, Thursday evenings or Friday mornings
The goal of this class is to foster a strong, positive bond between dogs and their owners. In this class we strive to promote humane education, responsible pet care, and dog training based on positive motivation. 
Because most of our families are more interested in a well-mannered pet than an obedience competitor, we emphasize good behavior (not jumping up, housebreaking, controlled walk on a leash, giving up toys and food, etc.) as well as basic obedience commands.  Our students are people who are interested in learning how to better communicate with and train their own dogs.  Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend (no children under 5, please).

Requirements:  Dogs 4 months and older adopted from HHS and non-aggressive dogs from the community. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required. If your dog is under 6 months, we recommend  puppy pre-school as a prerequisite.
Dates:  Thursday Evenings 6:30pm and 7:45pm Call for start dates.
Price:  $100 for HHS adopters signing up within 5 days of adopting, $125 general admission.

To sign up, call the Hinsdale Humane Society (630)323-5630

Advanced Obedience / Therapy dog training
Hinsdale Humane Society, Thursday evenings
Does your dog know the basics but still depend on a reward for following commands?  The first 5 weeks of this 7 week intermediate class will focus on immediate response to verbal commands, sitting patiently while being greeted, handled, or pet by a stranger, taking treats gently, coming when called, and walking on a loose leash around distractions resulting in a well-mannered dog in all situations.  The final 2 classes prepare you and your dog for the Pet Partner® Pet Therapy program and evaluation.

Requirements:  Dogs must have basic obedience skills, be current on all vaccinations, and be a minimum of 1 year old to complete the PP evaluation.
Dates:  Friday mornings 10-11am . Call for start dates.
Price:   $100 for the 5 week class
           Additional $75 if you plan to continue through the Pet Partner® workshop and evaluation.      

To inquire about workshops or evaluations, call  (708)302-7347 or email for further information

Private Training*

  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Behavior Consulting & Modification*
  • New dog consultations

Private Training Services* sold in mulitple session packages.  This ensures that dog knows exactly what is expected, has had solid reinforcement of the skills learned and gives you the confidence to move ahead with training.

Day Training Packages*  Day training consists of 3 half-hour intensive training sessions with just your dog at your home.  The 4th session is a full hour with you and your dog to give you a clear understanding of what your dog has learned and how you can continue to reinforce all the right training in your pet.  Day Training packages are highly recommended for dogs that require specific behavior modification techniques.

New Dog Consultations help guide you through the process of deciding on the right breed for your family and lifestyle and where to find it.  Whether your heart is in rescuing an older dog, or you are looking for a respectable breeder to find a new puppy, I can help you find the right match.

*All training sessions (except group classes) require an initial consultation to review behaviors and decide on a plan requiring a one-time flat “Consultation fee”.  Future training sessions are charged individually.

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Kym Iffert
Certified Dog Trainer
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Each one of my dogs has a distinct personality that comes with different challenges and rewards.
Sorry - group classes not available June - August.