Dogosophy* is a method of dog training based on the principles of how dogs communicate.  The training starts with learning about dog behavior and teaching you how to work with those behaviors to build a relationship with your dog.   Using force-free, humane training ensures long term positive results by engaging your dog's mental faculties without fallout from aversive or painful methods.

By learning how your dog thinks and why he does the things he does, you can reinforce the "I've got your back" mentality.  This can not only help you train your dog with basic obedience cues, it can also help prevent behavior issues, anxiety and aggression concerns all while creating a well-balanced, happy pet for years to come.

Certified in dog training and behavior, I created Dogosophy to utilize positive reinforcement, an awareness of canine body language and an understanding of natural dog instincts to increase the likelihood that your pet will learn to offer appropriate behaviors and maintain a healthy, balanced life in any environment.

Common Behavior Problems that we work with:

Jumping on guests    Reactivity and aggression concerns
House trainingOver stimulation
Mouthy/biting for attention   Impulse control
Controlled walkingUnwanted barking
Puppy issues  Teaching general good manners

and much more!

(*of course, dogosophy is a made up word with my own made-up definitions, but the theory and the training behind it are the real deal!) 

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1.The critical study of the basic knowledge of canine-human relationship           principles, with a view to improving them.

2.The rational investigation of the truths and principles of being,                       knowledge and conduct of people and their dogs.

3.A system of principles for guidance in practical dog affairs.

4.A training system based on using a dog’s brain and natural behaviors.

A dogosophical attitude, as one of composure and calm in the presence of troubles, annoyances or behavioral issues.
Sugar, Kym, Chopper & Dino  ~  2013

Kym's "knowledge and experience with dogs and ability to help us understand our dogs with such positive style and great sense of humor provided us with tools to deal with difficulties we may have".    

"The small, hands on class" was what we liked most.  "Leave it, Take it, Sit and Come" were most useful for our dog.  Kym was "awesome and great to work with"!                                                                                    -Purdy's (HHS Rescue) family

"We loved learning how to communicate with our dogs and why they do the things they do!"  "Thank you so much for your advice, it was spot on, you really are the dog whisperer!"                                                                                        -Jinx's owners

"We thoroughly enjoyed your visit - thank you so much for taking the time with us! We're excited to try out your techniques in order for Jasper to become a better behaved little guy."                                                                                       -Jasper, the Jack Russell's family

I most liked the "rewarding positive behavior".  My dog is more obedient and classes were very fun!
    -Teddy's mom

"Learning to seek positive behavior and redirect bad and Kym's general encouraging attitude" made this class so helpful.  Victoria now pays attention to hand signals!                         -Victoria's mom

"We loved seeing a change in our dogs behavior!  We wish there were more classes!" 
-Joan & Melissa (HHS rescues) family

"Kym is a very positive and supportive teacher.  We really enjoyed the class and liked the homework and written instructions". -Payton's Mom

"Each class session built on the previous one and included a handout.  The handouts were clear and detailed.  Kym's gentle approach to training was very effective.  We never felt competitive with other dogs and owners."

"Kym's classes were very organized with good sessions and excellent topics.  The socialization really helped decrease our dog's anxiety."                -Star's family

Organizations and affilications
Kym Iffert
Certified Dog Trainer
Nicki - Just too cool for words!  Nicki was one of the purebreds that sometimes come in to the shelter.  Great dog, but this is a breed that often has medical issues that can be costly.  Knowing what you are getting into with a dog and how to keep them healthy is crucial to living dogosophically.
Freddy - adopted from Hinsdale Humane Society.  Freddy was a very sweet boy that was given up due to a change in the owners living situation.  With some confidence boosting he was quick to pick up new obedience skills.  Being a terrier sometimes presents a distract-ability factor that can be challenging to any dog owner.

Ginger - adopted from Hinsdale Humane Society.  She came in as a young puppy and needed lots of socializing exercises to ensure she would grow into a happy well adjusted dog in spite of her young shelter experience.

photos courtesy of
DMS photography 
Doug  With ears cropped like a fighter, this pit bull could not be a sweeter, more gentle animal.  He came in to Hinsdale Humane Society and proved to be the perfect ambassodor to the Pit Bull breed.  Pits are actually very sweet, loving and fiercly loyal dogs whose power unfortunately often falls into the wrong hands.  Doug is now happily living in a family home and is able to go to work with his owner everyday.